Environmental Curriculum
Environmental Education in the Classroom


EcoRise Sustainable Intelligence Curriculum

Sustainable Intelligence is an engaging, ready-to-use, K–12 curriculum that guides students in building a foundation of environmental literacy and sustainability knowledge across seven eco-themes. Lessons introduce students to the challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainability and invite them to develop real-world solutions. Activities cultivate such 21st-century skills as creative problem solving, collaboration, and systems thinking while fostering leadership, empathy, and mindfulness.

Sustainable Intelligence includes

  • 160 lessons in both English and Spanish, including lesson plans, slideshows, videos, activity sheets, assessments, technology tools, and extension opportunities.
  • Real-world application and hands-on design projects, including campus and home Eco-Audits and Green Design Labs.
  • Alignment to Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Enroll today at www.ecorise.org/si 


Soil Born Farms Growing Together Curriculum

Growing Together is an elementary curriculum which supports the Garden in Every School movement. The purpose of the curriculum is to develop sustainable garden programs that will impact campuses through healthy eating, science learning, connection to food, and improving student pride in their school. Lessons revolve around hands-on activities that get students and staff more acquainted with the garden space on campus.

Growing together Units

  • Units for Kinder through Grade 2:

    • Plant Parts, Seeds, Needs and More 
    • Pollination, the Great Exchange 
  • Units for Grades 3 through 5:
    • Are All Bugs Created Equal? 
    • What Happened to the Bees? 

Access the curriculum at https://soilborn.org/initiatives/growing-together/gt-curriculum/ Password: GrowingKidsSBF 


California Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum

The K-12 EEI Curriculum uses the environment as a context to help students learn science and history-social science. The curriculum is a model for educators to demonstrate how to integrate environmental literacy into classroom instruction. The California EEI Curriculum is a great resource for supporting the Common Core and NGSS.

EEI Curriculum includes

  • 45 history-social units that teach select standards to mastery while increasing environmental literacy.
  • 40 science units that pair with the NGSS correlation guides to provide teachers with engaging resources including visual aids, readings, activities and maps.

Access the curriculum at http://californiaeei.org/curriculum/