Early Kinder Registration Information



School sites will consider student placement in SCUSD’s Early Kinder Program based upon the following:

  • Students born September 2nd through and including December 2nd are eligible for Early Kinder not kindergarten
  • Students shall not be enrolled into Early Kinder if the child turns age 5 after December 2nd
  • There is no separate priority for November, October, or September born children. These 3 month spans of birth dates have equal access to the Early Kinder Programs. Children born within this 3 month span have equal access to the Early Kinder Program.

Parents requesting admission to criteria based school must meet admission requirements. (Example-Alice Birney Waldorf Inspired K-8)

Due to space availability, parent’s request for placement in SCUSD’s Early Kinder Program does not guarantee student placement in the school or program requested. If over enrollment occurs, a special lottery will be held. All September 2nd, October, November, and December 1st and 2nd born students shall have their names placed in an equable lottery at the school site.

*All Early Kinder printed registration materials are available at each of the listed ten school sites that offer this program. Parents may print and bring the completed application with them to register.