Early Kinder Registration Information



2021-2022 School Year Early Kinder registration began January 12, 2021 online and at school sites and will continue to be gathered throughout the school year. 

2021-2022 School Year Availability 

Currently the following schools have available enrollment space for Fall 2021

  • A.M. Winn – parent visitation required
  • Pacific
  • Tahoe 
  • Washington

Online Registration

Fill out the online form.

Paper Registration Forms

Parents may register students for early kinder by submitting a paper packet to the SCUSD Enrollment Center lobby or at one of the ten Early Kinder school sites. All locations will also have application packets available for pick-up. 

2021-2022 Early Kinder Registration Packet

SCUSD Enrollment Center Lobby

5601 47th Avenue  (Next to the Serna Center)
Sacramento, CA  95824

Our Enrollment Center self-serve lobby is open Monday through Friday; 8am-1pm. You can pick-up and drop-off an application. Parents must submit the paperwork in a sealed white envelope available in the lobby and write Early Kinder on the envelope with the date and time.

Early Kinder Schools

Application packets and drop-off bins will be clearly marked at each school site. Please contact the school for specific instructions and hours of operation. If you have any questions, please email John Conway at john-conway@scusd.edu.


School sites will consider student placement in SCUSD’s Early Kinder Program based upon the following:

  • Students born September 2nd through and including December 2nd are eligible for Early Kinder not kindergarten
  • Students shall not be enrolled into Early Kinder if the child turns age 5 after December 2nd
  • There is no separate priority for November, October, or September born children. These 3 month spans of birth dates have equal access to the Early Kinder Programs. Children born within this 3 month span have equal access to the Early Kinder Program.

For parents requesting admission to a criteria-based school site (A.M. Winn Public Waldorf K-8, Alice Birney Public Waldorf K-8 or Leonardo da Vinci K-8) please contact these school sites for direction regarding needed enrollment requirements.

Parent’s request for placement in SCUSD’s Early Kinder Program does not guarantee student placement in the school or program requested. A lottery was held on April 2021 at all ten Early Kinder sites. All September 2nd, October, November, and December 1st and 2nd born students shall have their names placed in an equable lottery at the school site. After the lottery applications will continue to be collected to fill vacate student space or for position on a school waiting list.