C.P. Huntington Community Meeting Specific Questions


Below are the answers to the C.P. Huntington Elementary specific questions asked at the February 19th Community Forum. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for our universal list of question and answers. 


What are the boundaries for Harkness/Hollywood Park going to be so families know where their students are going?

Students who live on 40th Avenue and north of 40th Avenue will go to Hollywood Park.  Students residing on Encinal Ave and south will go to Harkness.

C.P. Huntington seems to have a larger parking area than Hollywood Park. Are you concerned about traffic/parking at Hollywood Park?

SCUSD is working with Sacramento Police Department and city engineering to ensure a safe flow of traffic at Hollywood Park in September 2013.

Why not move Maple Elementary students to C.P. Huntington?

Both Maple and C.P. Huntington are chronically under-enrolled and serving far fewer students than their capacities. Both schools are recommended for closure in the fall of 2013.