Community Input for the Draft Strategic Plan
Consider becoming a Public Education Volunteer (PEV) to support this effort


The district is beginning to re-imagine a new Strategic Plan. This plan will impact all members of the community: students, families, staff, and community members.

In November, the first draft of the Strategic Plan will be published and staff will be asking for feedback on the draft. Opportunities to provide feedback will include meetings at school sites or at Serna Center; staff or union meetings; and through an online survey. The survey will be available from November 9 through December 11. We hope that all members of our community will provide feedback through this survey.

Additionally, the district is actively recruiting Public Education Volunteers (PEVs) to engage the broader community in the survey. The value of the PEV process is that it enables the district to hear opinions from those who are not typically engaged by meetings at Serna Center or school sites, or those whose first language is not English, and the district has had great success using this model in the past. PEV training is offered after school hours and in the evening to accommodate all schedules. Child care and translation will be provided upon request.

The training flyer is below. Anyone with an interest in our schools may be a PEV. Please share this information to members of your network.