Center for Green School Fellowship
Greening Districts from the inside


In an effort to effectively and rapidly transform the environments in which our children learn, USGBC has launched the Center for Green Schools Fellowship program, which began placing full-time sustainability officers in school districts across the country in July 2011.  The Green Schools Fellowship Program is a unique initiative provides partner school districts with a fully-funded, dedicated expert who collaborates with district leadership to change the culture of the district from the inside out by providing clear direction, comprehensive training and valuable resources. 

Green Schools Fellows are hired through a rigorous application and interview process and receive extensive, ongoing training from the Center for Green Schools and its partners in the green schools movement. Hired for a three-year term, the Fellows work with school districts to initiate and/or accelerate various initiatives that may have languished for lack of manpower or resources, including: monitoring energy usage and decreasing consumption by educating staff and students, disseminating environmental curriculum resources, establishing indoor air quality policies and practices, revising maintenance and transportation contracts and improving recycling, school garden and composting programs. The sweeping improvements that result from having a single individual organize system-wide sustainability efforts affect thousands of children, teachers and staff as well as the surrounding community.

Each Fellow is jointly overseen by the Center for Green Schools and the participating school district. Individual districts define their own metrics for success, and Fellows are required to report and document their progress quarterly. The Fellows regularly communicate with one other to share lessons learned, successes and challenges faced by their respective school districts as they attempt to green schools and educate communities.