CAASPP Starting Test Sessions
All Grades


Starting Test Sessions—Because of an update in the Test Administrator (TA) Interface, the TA will need to choose a [Select All] button from the test selection box when starting a test session. This will choose all available tests including all grade levels and both content areas for non–performance task (non-PT) PT and performance task (PT) tests.

Students are pre-assigned within the system to take certain tests, so only those tests will be available to each student when he or she logs in to a test session. However, TAs must clearly communicate to students whether they are taking the non-PT or PT portions and which non-PT content area to take first. It will be especially important for TAs to approve students one by one as they log in, because this will be the only opportunity to verify that students have selected the intended test for that session.

Please share the attached instructions with the TAs in your school.  Your School Coordinators have also been informed.

State Selection— The secure browsers students use to access the Smarter Balanced Field Test have been updated to include a “State Selection” drop-down list that will appear when the browser is launched. Students or TAs should select “California” when the browser opens, and the device will be automatically redirected to the California Field Test. You do not need to reinstall the browser; this update will happen without your intervention. Students or TAs will only need to select “California” the first time the browser is launched.