Acceptable Use Policy
Technology Services

AR 6163.4 Instruction
Student Use of Technology
Purpose and Function

The Sacramento City Unified School District provides technology resources for the purpose of supporting and advancing the District’s educational mission.

The District’s technology environment comprises an electronic network, devices and peripheral components that support, deliver and provide access to internally controlled and managed, as well as, externally supported (“third-party”) technology resources, content and applications.

Technology resources include services, applications, hardware, software, communications systems, infrastructure and access methods that support or deliver instructional and operational value and function to the District.

When consistent with the intended use of District technology resources, to comply with regulatory mandates, or due to misuse or other limitations and requirements, the District may revoke or impose restrictions on the materials, content or functionality available to users. Safeguards, filters and limitations emplaced to ensure proper use and security may not be bypassed.

All district computers with Internet access have a technology protection measure that protects against access to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors and that the operation of such measures is enforced.  (20 USC 6777; 47 USC 254; 47 CFR 54.520)


The Chief Information Officer or delegate shall oversee District technology resources.

The school site principal shall serve as the site level coordinator for the use of District-provided technology resources. As coordinator, s/he will approve site-level activities, ensure that staff receive proper training, consult with district staff to ensure appropriate alignment to content standards, provide information about policies governing use, inform parents/guardians of regulations for proper usage and interpret the district Acceptable Use Policy at the site level.

The teacher and staff will choose to employ technology resources and/or content on the Internet that align to content standards, are appropriate for classroom instruction and/ or research for the needs, maturity, and ability of their students.

Usage and Limitations

Use of District technology systems is a privilege. Students are expected to use District-provided systems in a respectful, ethical, lawful, safe and responsible manner.

The following uses of District technology systems are explicitly, but not exclusively, prohibited:

  • personal commercial use, advertising;
  • copyright infringement, including: access, distribution, possession, storage, transmission of private and protected content without license or permission;
  • accessing or distributing obscene, offensive, threatening or pornographic materials;
  • threatening or harassing others, cyberbullying, using inappropriate language;
  • engaging in activity causing congestion or damage to data or systems;
  • hacking, accessing secure/private data or systems without explicit consent.

Students shall abide by the rules set forth by the District and school site, and will follow the directions of teachers and school staff in the use of technology.

The district reserves the right to monitor student use of technology within the jurisdiction of the district without advance notice or consent. Students shall be informed that their use of district technology, including, but not limited to, computer files, email, text messages, instant messaging, and other electronic communications, is not private and may be accessed by the district for the purpose of ensuring proper use. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in use of the district technology. Students’ personally owned devices shall not be searched except in cases where there is a reasonable suspicion, based on specific and objective facts, that the search will uncover evidence of a violation of law, district policy, or school rules. (cf. 5145.12 – Search and Seizure)


All parents/guardians and students will be notified about technology use policies via one or more of the following:

  • Notices sent home with each student by individual schools
  • The district newsletter or comparable communications
  • The district Parent Rights and Responsibilities document
  • The district web site

Notices shall include information pertaining to procedures for requesting that students be prohibited from using/accessing technology resources.

All district locations with access to the Internet will post, in a prominent location, these regulations (See Exhibit (1) 6163.4).


approved: November 16, 1998 Sacramento, California
revised: June 2018