2017 – 2018 Employee Work Calendars


HR Memo: Required Work Calendars: School Year (2018/2019) - Download

HR Memo: Required Work Calendars: School Year (2017/2018) Download

In order to access your individual work calendar, you will need your district username and password (what you use to log into your computer). If you do not have one, please contact your office manager or supervisor to provide you a copy of your work calendar.

Please download and refer to the HR Memo: Work Calendar Year 2017-18 which identifies the first day of service for the 2017-18 school year for Certificated and Classified personnel employed in positions “requiring less than twelve months of service.”

Questions: Please contact your Supervisor or Officer Manager if you have questions pertaining to your calendar work days, holidays, request for time off, and vacation.

For additional work calendar questions, please contact your HR Analyst or Clarissa Ramirez, HR Analyst/Classification & Compensation Specialist.

(Please note: In efforts to conserve paper and color printer costs, it is recommended to save the work calendar on your desktop or print in black and white.)


Work Calendar Bargaining Unit  Calendar Description
F-2 UPE Asst. Principal, Elementary (10 months)
T UPE 11-month employees
NJB-1 UPE New Joseph Bonnheim Principal
NTK-1 UPE New Technology Principal
D-1 SCTA School Social Workers
D-3 SCTA School Psychologists
D-5 SCTA Program Specialists, Special Education
E-1 SCTA School Counselors (all except Adult Education)
E-3 SCTA Vocational Specialists
E-4 SCTA Librarians
G-1 SCTA Teachers: Classroom; Resource; Resource Specialist,  Special Education; School Nurse; Training Specialist; Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist
G-2 SCTA Child Development Teachers (10-Month)
G-8 SCTA New Technology Teachers
G-9A SCTA New Technology Counselors
U-1 SCTA Adult Education Teachers
NJB-2 SCTA New Joseph Bonnheim Teachers


Work Calendar Bargaining Unit Description
J SEIU 11-month employees – Secondary Clerical: (excluding School Office Manager I, II III, SOM III @ The MET & GWC, SCOE Bus Drivers)
K SEIU 11-month employees – (Including those on “I” calendar), School Office Manager I, II, III (The MET & GWC); Secondary Clerical (excluding New Technology & NJB)
L SEIU 10-month employees – Bus Drivers
M SEIU 10 month employees (excluding Bus Drivers, New Technology, NJB, CSU/Sac City College Aides)
N CSA 10 month employees – Multi-Site Supervisors I, II, III


Work Calendar Bargaining Unit Description
X NON-REP ADMINISTRATORS 12-month employees (Non-Rep Admin)
Q CSA & SEIU 12 month employees (Maintenance)
LH SEIU 11 month employees – Sacramento County Office of Education– Special Education Bus Drivers/Attendants
CSM SEIU 10 month employees – Sacramento City College / California State University of Sacramento Instructional Aides
NTK SEIU 11 month employees (New Technology Only) – School Office Manager II; Secondary Clerical
NTM SEIU 10 month employees (New Technology Only)
NJBK SEIU 11 month employees (New Joseph Bonnheim Only)
NJBM SEIU 10 month employees (New Joseph Bonnheim Only)