2013-14 Project Green
Students Making Real Change

Fern Bacon Project Green Team

Project Green will give students the opportunity to have a real and lasting impact on the school site they occupy on a daily basis, providing a voice to make a lasting change at their school site and across the District.  The students are involved throughout the whole process, from the initial research to the final presentation and implementation.  They work with district and local professionals to identify capital improvement projects that will reduce water and energy consumption and improve their learning environment.  The students become leaders at their school while alsoexposing them to future career opportunities.  

1. Identify student group to participate… i.e. Green Teams, Eco Clubs, Student Council, etc.
a. Provide Farah Wissinger (farah-wissinger@scusd.edu) with name of teacher/parent advisor, email address, and student group to participate.
2. With help from advisor and Mrs. Wissinger students perform Green School Audits
a. Mrs. Wissinger works with advisor to supply curriculum & audit materials
b. Understand current operations and construction of school site
c. Interview staff and students, collect utility data, work with District staff, make observations around the site
3. Generate recommendations for improvement
a. Work with community partners… non-profits, local professionals, etc.
4. Present recommendations to a blue ribbon panel of non-profit experts
a. 5-page max written document explaining process and recommendations
b. Science Fair style event on April 22nd, 2014 (Earth Day), location TBD
c. $1 million of bond funding awarded to selected projects
5. Projects implementation to start the Fall of 2014 (depending on scope of work)

Rough Timeline:
Dec 20th    Identify advisor and student teams to perform audits – inform Mrs. Wissinger
March 1st   Complete Green School Audit process
April 1st   Begin working on presentation for recommendations
April 22nd     Present recommendations at Project Green Event
Mid May  Funding Allocation Awards Ceremony (exact date TBD)

Please use the following link to register a student team to participate in Project Green… https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PQ6FPB5