SCUSD Curriculum Maps for Mathematics
SCTA/District agreed upon Sequence of Instruction




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SCUSD Curriculum Map Purpose & Intent

  • The 2017-18 curriculum maps are designed as a guide to support equitable access to student learning by assisting teachers with planning and implementing the Common Core Content and Practice Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) with fidelity. The curriculum maps are intended to be “living documents” that will be revised and updated as teachers use them and provide feedback. 
  • The curriculum maps were created to support instructional design and delivery of mathematics using both district-adopted instructional materials and open-source materials as resources.

SCUSD Curriculum Maps for Mathematics in each grade level/content area include:

  • Guidance on the major work of the grade determined by the state
  • Year-at-a-Glance: Sequence of Instruction
  • Support for ELD, SEL, and UDL
  • Units of Instruction, which include
    • Essential Questions and standards addressed (content & practice standards)
    • Resources for teachers to better understand the standards in the unit
    • Sequence of learning outcomes, resources, and strategies for teaching and learning

Note:  The SCUSD curriculum maps are aligned to the Board adopted instructional materials provided to teachers [K-6: enVisionMATH, Gr.7-8: Big Ideas Math, IM1-3: Walch] to teach the CCCSM curriculum (content and practice standards).  Teachers should make professional, collaborative decisions about the use of any instructional materials.