School Guidance: Sending Sick Students/Staff Home


When a student or staff member presents in the office with COVID symptoms:

  • Relocate
    • Remove the individual from the classroom and relocate to a supervised area.
  • Mask
    • Provide a mask for the symptomatic person, and recommend that everyone in the room wear a mask
  • Send Home
    • Contact parent/guardian for student pick up, or send the symptomatic staff member home
  • Provide “COVID Care Package”
    • Give staff member or parent/guardian these 3 items:
      • an OTC test
      • Illness and Symptom Requirements handout
    • Review Illness and Symptoms Requirements about returning to school/work with parent/guardian or staff member
    • Remind them to take the OTC test and report results at home (School staff may NOT help administer, read, or interpret the OTC test) 
      • If negative: Return when symptoms improve, and 24-hours fever free
      • If positive: Stay home. Notify the school office/supervisor
      • If no COVID test taken, remain home for 5 days

If a positive COVID test is reported to the school office, immediately email and include school name, student/staff member name, and best contact information. Advise the student or staff member to isolate at home and a SCUSD Contact Tracer will be in touch soon.  

Absences – When an absence is reported due to a COVID symptom, follow the Stay Home and Return to School Guidance and advise to test. Note that a symptomatic person may not come on campus to pick up an OTC test, but they may go to a SCUSD testing center or their health care provider.

COVID Questions: Call SCUSD COVID Hotline (916) 559-0951