LCAP Stakeholder Engagement


The annual and ongoing engagement of stakeholders is a key part of the LCAP development process.  It is important that the goals, actions, expenditures, metrics, and targets within the LCAP are informed by the voices of students, families, staff, and community members.   

Examples of  district stakeholder engagement activities have included community town halls, surveys, presentations in established forums, solicitation of comments on posted drafts, listening sessions, and meetings with established district committees/groups.  Examples of district committees/groups that have been involved in recent engagement cycles include:

These groups are critical in advocating on behalf of specific student groups and representing the needs and interests of students and families across the various regions of the district.  The groups individually and collectively work to amplify the voices and share the experiences of students, families, and staff.


Key Artifacts from the 2020-21 Stakeholder Engagement Process to Inform the Development of the 2021-22 LCAP: