FREE Virtual COVID-19 Visit for Californians


Visit to pick an appointment to connect with a FREE healthcare provider who can prescribe you COVID-19 medications if appropriate.

Only make an appointment if you have a positive COVID-19 test AND have symptoms. If you need to get a COVID-19 test, visit or to find an SCUSD testing center go here

COVID-19 medications (Paxlovid or molnupiravir) are FREE. Medicines may be mailed to you or picked up at the pharmacy. If you are asked to pay for your COVID-19 medications (Paxlovid or molnupiravir), please call +1 (888) 897-1244 so that we can follow up with the pharmacy.

COVID-19 medications are only approved for those who have symptoms.

*Please note, this is a free service provided by the California Department of Public Health to support uninsured and underinsured individuals within the State of California who cannot connect with a healthcare provider within 24 hours of receiving a positive test result. If you are insured, please try to reach your healthcare provider first. If you have difficulty doing so within 24 hours of your positive result, you may proceed with booking here. COVID-19 medications must be taken within 5-7 days of symptoms starting to be effective.