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Special Education Professional Learning

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October 7 OR October 9, 2019, WJIV and Statewide Testing Accommodations/ Modifications, Participants will review procedures for administering the Woodcock Johnson IV.

October 21 OR October 23Assessment Data: Present Levels Page and Teacher Reports, Participants will learn to develop a well-written Present Levels Page and comprehensive Teacher Report form.

November 4 OR November 6, 2019, Goals:  Annual Goals, Progress Monitoring, Baseline, Participants will understand the relationship between baseline data, goal development and progress monitoring.

December 9 OR December 11, 2019, Engagement and SEL, In this session you will learn additional strategies for increasing student engagement and social emotional learning.

January 13 OR January 15, 2020, Sped1 Behavior Plans and Tier Two Interventions, Learn the functions of student behaviors and how to address them.

January 14-15, 2020  Crisis Prevention Institute Training Part 1 & 2, Maximize student performance by learning strategies for maintaining a positive academic environment. 

February 3 OR February 5, 2020, Dyslexia and Literacy, CA Dyslexia Guidelines overview and practice.

March 2 OR March 4, 2020, Transition Plans, How to create transition plans in SEIS–an exploration of goal-writing and supports for students.

April 21-22, 2020  Sped2 Crisis Prevention Institute Training Part 1 & Part 2 Maximize student performance by learning strategies for maintaining a positive academic environment.. 

April 20 OR April 22, 2020,Special Education Open Topics Seminar, Provides an opportunity for teachers to revisit previous training topics and gain additional information of their choosing.

2019-2020 Completed Sessions:

Sept 9 OR Sept 11, 2019  SEIS and I-EP Meeting Basics: Setting yourself up for Success ; Participants will engage in learning activities and discussion regarding the SEIS IEP system

Sept 23 OR Sept 25,2019  Understanding Behaviors & Basic Classroom Management:Participants will learn the motives and functions of behavior.