Currently Accepting Applications: One Vacancy Available. Become a BOC Member!


BOC Membership Application Process

  • Interested applicants request application for BOC (Applicant can request application from BOC website, school site, administrative offices, and CAMS)
  • Applicant completes application
  • Applicant Submits Application
  • Submission of application can occur in any of the following ways: Email, US Mail, Fax, or in person (details listed below) Preference of transmission medium is an electronic submission.
  • Application gets routed to CAMS office for pre-cursory review (Routing is done typically via email or school mail)
  • Pre-Cursory review only for application completeness, this is not intended as a screening process
  • SCUSD Application Review
  • Application is submitted to ACT, and to Metro Chamber of Commerce for review
  • Reviewed and Accepted Application are then given to the Board for Final Review, and Appointment
  • Consent Item is placed on the next available SCUSD Board of Education’s Meeting Agenda 
  • Applicant is notified of SCUSD Board’s Action
  • Approved and Appointed Applicants are asked to attend next BOC Meeting
  • New Member Training is scheduled, scheduling of this required training is not exceed 90 days after appointment to committee

Application Submission Details

US Mail: 5735 47th Ave., Sacramento, CA  95824, or 425 1st Ave., Sacramento, CA  95818


Fax to: 916-264-3107