3rd Grade CogAT Testing Supports
Universal GATE screening for all 3rd grade students


Important Reminders

  • Testing Window opens Monday, January 11, closing Friday, January 29
  • All 3rd grade students (including those already identified for GATE) will take the CogAT.
  • Extra time is not to be given.
  • Make-Ups are encouraged to be handled at the school site.
  • Test sessions (in Data Manager) must be created in advance of administering the assessment.
  • Your username is your SCUSD e-mail address
  • The test must be administered in the following order:
    • Getting Started (optional)
    • Verbal batteries
    • Quantitative batteries
    • Non-Verbal batteries
  • DO NOT ADMINISTER THE ENTIRE TEST IN ONE DAY or ONE SESSION! The test should be given in either 2 or 3 sessions.
  • You must use the “Testing Computers” used at your site for CAASPP testing.
  • To exit the system, once students are done testing, be sure to select “End testing all.” Then, you must restart the computer to exit the secure browser.
  • NEW STUDENTS — Students enrolled at your school site after January 8th, must be manually added by Kari in advance of testing. E-mail Kari-hanson-smith@scusd.edu with the student’s complete name, and the school site.

Technology Updates:

  • Check that SCUSD-CART is the wifi Network being used.
  • Default browser should be set to Safari (on Mac)
  • On PC’s the default browser should be set to Firefox
  • DO NOT USE Chrome as the default browser
  • The test proctor should use a wired desktop.

During the Test: 

  • The test administrator should have the students take their hands off the computers when they’re approving all students for the test.
  • The students transition to the “Intro” screen and keep their hands off until the “Next” button turns blue.
  • Students end the test and return to the draw screen – The test administrator has them remove their hands from the computers before continuing to the next subsection.
  • Again, the students keep their hands off while it goes through the next “Intro” screen, until the “Next” button goes blue
  • To exit the secure browser on a Mac press: SHIFT + CONTROL + q

Steps to look up student test progress (see who needs to finish)

Watch the webinar of the Proctor Orientation Session

Practice Activities for Level 9

Student Answer Sheet

Verbal Reasoning Practice Activities

Verbal Reasoning Teacher’s Guide

Quantitative Reasoning Practice Activities

Quantitative Reasoning Teacher’s Guide

Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Activities

Non-Verbal Reasoning Teacher’s Guide