Mission for Sacramento City Unified School District


Sacramento City Unified School District Mission Statement

Students will graduate as globally competitive life-long learners, prepared to succeed in a career and higher education institution of their choice to secure gainful employment and contribute to society.


The purpose of this manual is to make transparent all of the steps – from beginning to renewal – in the Sacramento Unified School District Accountability Process for charter schools. The manual serves as a guide
for SCUSD staff overseeing charter schools as well as those who are considering opening a charter school and existing charter school operators. It contains both an explanations as well as necessary templates and timelines. The use of the document will foster a common; clear understanding of what is required to successfully renew the charter school for an additional term, performance standards for student achievement, charter-specific outcomes, financial reporting, governance and operations are clarified. This manual also contains information services provided to charter schools, Memorandum of Understandings, Facilities Use Agreements, Calendar with important dates/deadlines. This manual is to help provide a transparency, clarity as well as provide Sacramento City Unified School District with useful information to meet its oversight responsibilities.