Walk to School this Wednesday!

Grey Pod


International Walk to School Day – Students and staff are encouraged to walk or bicycle from home to school. They might join other families and form groups in their neighborhoods to travel to school together. If students are unable to participate consider organizing walks during a school assembly, recess or as part of a class activity. These events can foster a lifelong appreciation for walking and bicycling and develop important safety skills.  They’re also the easiest way to include every student.

Getting Around – Students have fun simulating traffic in a busy city center by pretending to be riding in cars, biking, skateboarding, and getting around the city in other ways. They discuss transportation and compare getting around using fossil fuels to getting around using the power of their own bodies. They also look at the systems needed to support different transportation options.

Personal Transportation Eco-Audit – Students conduct an eco-audit to see how much carbon dioxide their personal transportation habits contribute to the atmosphere during a period of one week. They analyze the results, put those results into perspective, and then plan simple actions they can take to reduce their personal impact on the environment.