Upload Proof of Address
Enrollment Center Webform

Please upload a photo or scanned copy of your proof of address below. 

You must use one of the following documents for address verification:

  • CURRENT Utility Bill (SMUD, PG&E or WATER) with correct same name and address in the parent/legal guardian or education rights holder’s name (issued within 30 days, NO PAST DUE BILLS will be accepted)
  • CURRENT Mortgage Statement (issued within 30 days) 
  • CURRENT Property Tax Bill
  • CURRENT Rental / Lease Agreement with Landlord’s Information (If the lease is older than one year OR is a month to month contract, the current month’s rent receipt is required)
  • CURRENT Voter Registration (issued within 30 days)
  • CURRENT Government Agency Letter (issued within 30 days)
  • CURRENT Employment Pay Stub (issued within 30 days)