Instructional Materials Feedback Form: High School Math


Sacramento City Unified School District would like feedback on what you think about the Math materials being considered by the Instructional Materials Evaluation Committee. 

Please answer the questions below about the materials you reviewed.

Thank you!

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The textbook and supplementary resources will help me/a student/my child study, understand, and complete homework at home.
Places to go for help in the materials (page numbers of model problems, online tutorials, etc.) are available and easily found.
The mathematical situations are real-world and appropriate for the grade level of the student.
Standards are clearly aligned to lessons making it easy to find which lessons support specific standards.
The types of questions posed in the lessons and assignments prompt students to think and conceptualize, not simply follow a procedure or steps.
Materials clearly differentiate and offer support for special student populations: English Learners, Special Education, Gifted and Talented Education, etc.