Household Update Information
for existing or previous students

Note: If you are a previous student and have been absent for less than 30 days or have had a change in address use this form

Please list ALL children that attend Sacramento City Unified School District Schools. 

Student(s) in Household

You can up to 5 children on one webform. If you need to list more, please submit a second form.

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Primary Household Information

This is the address where the student(s) listed above live.

Parent/Guardian 1

This is the primary legal parent/guardian for the student(s) listed above.

Parent/Guardian 2

This is the second legal parent/guardian/step-parent living in the same household.

Parent/Guardian 3

This is the second legal parent/guardian NOT living in the same household.

Non-Household Emergency Contacts

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Verification Documents

Please visit What You Need to Know to Register Your Student for specific information on verification documents. 

Overenrollment Notice

As a parent new to your school area, we need to make you aware that your school’s enrollment is changing due to increasing and shifting enrollment patterns within your attendance boundary.  Consequently, it is extremely difficult to guarantee that your child will be housed in your school during the coming school year.  We want to assure you that we will make every effort to do so; however, it may be necessary to place some children into other district schools in order to comply with state laws and district policies regarding class size.

The Sacramento City Unified School District has a procedure by which this move must occur. Actual date of enrollment determines who is placed at nearby schools when over-enrollment occurs.

In the event this becomes necessary, families may work with the Over-Enrollment Technician to learn what options exist.

I understand that my child may not be able to attend our neighborhood school due to space   capacity and may be enrolled in another school that has an opening in his/her grade level.