Early Kinder Registration Form
2020-2021 School Year

Early Kinder (also called Transitional Kindergarten) is the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience for children who turn age five on September 2, 2020 through and including December 2, 2020. Find out more about Early Kinder at www.scusd.edu/early-kinder-program

Note: There is Early Kinder space still available. Space is available at  H.W. Harkness, Pacific, John Sloat, and Tahoe Elementary school programs and there is limited space available at A.M. Winn, Theodore Judah, Washington school programs. All enrollment/applications will be dated upon receipt for student placement consideration. (9/1/20)​

Part 1: Early Kinder Request Information
Student Information
Parent/Guardian Information
Early Kinder Parent/Guardian Agreement

I understand that I have completed this section for information purposes and I still need to complete enrollment. I also understand that this does not guarantee placement in the school or program which I have requested. 

I understand that the Early Kinder Program is not a substitution for the regular kindergarten program. Therefore, I understand that upon completion of the Early Kinder Program in June, 2021, my child(ren) will return to the kindergarten program at their home school site. Parents will need to register at their home school or apply for other school placement through the district Enrollment Center for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Part 2: SCUSD Student Registration
Section A: Demographic Information
Student Information
Place of Birth
If yes, please fill out the following information
Non-Household Emergency Contacts

Authorized to pick up and care for the student with written or verbal permission.

Emergency Contact 1
Emergency Contact 2
Emergency Contact 3
Emergency Information Notice

California Education Code 49408 states that school districts can require that emergency information be kept current. Parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the school, in writing, of telephone or address changes with three (3) days of occurrence. If the school is unable to reach anyone on this form in an emergency or if a student is left unattended during non-school hours, the school will contact law enforcement or Child Protective Services.

Section B: Health and Emergency Information

List all medications (including dosage) taken by your child and indicate whether medication is needed at home, school, or both. Note: California Education Code 49423 requires that if medications are to be taken at school, there must be a medication form on file at school, signed by both parents and physician. Parent or guardian shall inform the school nurse or designated certificated employee of the medication being taken.

Emergency Authorization

In the event of an emergency, when a parent/guardian is unavailable, I authorize school personnel to make such arrangements for my child to receive medical/hospital care, including necessary transportation, in accordance with their best judgment. I further authorize the physician named below to undertake such care of my child, as he/she considers necessary. In the event said physician is not available, I authorize such care and treatment to be performed by a licensed physician or surgeon. I understand that the parent or guardian is responsible for the cost of such emergency care.

Responsibility Statement
Section C: Household Information
Student 1 Information
Student 2 Information
Student 3 Information
Student 4 Information
Student 5 Information
Primary Household

This is the address the student primarily lives.

Mailing Address

if different

Parent/Guardian 1 Information
Other Adult in Household Information
Secondary Household

Complete this section only if Parent #1 and #2 DO NOT LIVE in the same household.

Mailing Address

if different

Parent/Guardian 2 Information
Other Adult in Household Information
Automated Messenger Contact Information

Check boxes below to receive automated messages. 

School Most Recently Attended
Overenrollment Notice

As a parent new to your school area, we need to make you aware that your school’s enrollment is changing due to increasing and shifting enrollment patterns within your attendance boundary.  Consequently, it is extremely difficult to guarantee that your child will be housed in your school during the coming school year.  We want to assure you that we will make every effort to do so; however, it may be necessary to place some children into other district schools in order to comply with state laws and district policies regarding class size.

The Sacramento City Unified School District has a procedure by which this move must occur. Actual date of enrollment determines who is placed at nearby schools when over-enrollment occurs.

In the event this becomes necessary, families may work with the Over-Enrollment Technician to learn what options exist.

I understand that my child may not be able to attend our neighborhood school due to space capacity and may be enrolled in another school that has an opening in his/her grade level.

Verification Documents

Please visit What You Need to Know to Register Your Student for specific information on verification documents.