Your Guide to District Finances and How Our Schools Spend Money

e-Connections Post

In the past few weeks the district has shared with all school sites and employees copies of a guide to our district’s finances. The publication titled “Investing in Students: A Guide to Understanding Sacramento City Unified School Districts’ Finances” helps explain a number of financial topics such as how our schools get funded, how our resources are invested and steps the district is taking to balance the budget and address its structural deficit.

Sacramento City Unified School District is pleased to provide this resource in an effort to be transparent with the community about how we receive and spend our funding. This guide helps explain a number of key topics including:

  • How the district receives funding under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
  • How much the district spends on employee salaries and benefits, facilities and other important expenditures
  • The cost of retiree health care benefits
  • The fiscal challenges facing the district
  • Steps the district is taking to address our budget deficit and fiscal challenges

Click here to download a copy of this publication.