Working Together to Keep Our Schools Safe

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As the school year kicks off, students, families and staff will be pleased to know that our district has a professional team dedicated to school safety. The Sacramento City Unified School District Office of Safe Schools and a team of 8 School Resource Officers Unit (SRO) works together to patrol Sac City Unified schools and keep them safe.

These officers provide important safety training to all of our schools and their staff. They are a great resource, and in many cases, the expert line of communication on safety issues between administrators and students. 

The SRO unit, which was developed nearly two decades ago, is comprised of sworn Officers from the Sacramento Police Department. Each SRO works in direct collaboration with the Sacramento County Probation Department and the Sacramento City Unified School District’s Office of Safe Schools. 

The unit serves all 43,000 students at all Sac City Unified schools across the region. Their job is to keep the peace at the schools, first and foremost by building relationships with the students.

Make sure to watch this video to see our team of safety professionals in action as they vigorously develop and train students and staff. 

Their efforts represent Sac City’s ongoing commitment to the safety of students, faculty and the community at large.