West Campus Duo Become Finalists in National MIT Competition

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Congratulations to Luke Torre and Zuriel Joven of West Campus High School for winning an all-expense paid trip to MIT in February!

Both 9th graders entered the nationally recognized MIT Think competition and were recently announced as finalists. They will travel to MIT February 4-8, to meet with MIT mentors and professors regarding their project to create a low cost transradial prosthetic arm.

The MIT THINK competition is an annual science research and innovation competition for high school students. Rather than requiring students to have completed a research project before applying, THINK instead caters to students who have done extensive research on the background of a potential research project and are looking for additional guidance in the early stages of implementation. Finalists also earn the opportunity to receive weekly mentorship meetings with THINK team members for technical guidance, helpful resources and updates on the project’s progress and are given up to $1000 in funding for their project.

The transradial prosthetic arm project proposed by Torre and Joven can help amputees regain some functionality by offering an emulation of a hand’s natural function. Unfortunately, prostheses can be unaffordable for many people, and those with lower price tags often come with less utility. The proposal submitted by Torre and Joven aims to eliminate this issue. They plan to build a low-cost transradial prosthesis equipped with dexterous control using a cost-effective method unused by state-of-the-art prostheses: binary force myography.

For more information, regarding MIT THINK, visit: https://think.mit.edu/.