The Unity Toolkit for SCUSD Educators

e-Connections Post

The results from the 2016 elections have profoundly impacted our entire nation, as well as our SCUSD community. While some were jubilant, others were crushed by the results. There has been heightened tension in some schools and an increase of race-related bullying incidents since the elections. As educators, we should use these opportunities as teachable moments to have conversations with our students about the democratic process, how we can resolve differences and conflicts, and how we can address diverse and sometimes conflicting ideology. In order to support our SCUSD educators, we compiled a “The Unity Toolkit” as a resource and guide for navigating some of these difficult conversations.  

The Unity Toolkit provides resources to address the following essential questions for educators:

  1. How do I support all students to feel safe and supported socially, emotionally and physically?
  2. How do I support students to engage in discourse that is respectful and thoughtful of other perspectives?
  3. What are some signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety that I need to look for and how do I get help for my students who are experiencing these symptoms?

The Unity Toolkit can be accessed here. For more information, please contact Mai Xi Lee.