Traffic and Safety Meeting Scheduled After Freeport Blvd. Hit and Run

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The following is a message and invitation to a community meeting from City Councilmember Jay Schenirer:

We are all aware of the horrific hit-and-run collision on Freeport Boulevard and Oregon Street that happened on January 31. Two people were hit by a car – one of whom was a young Sutterville Elementary student, as they tried to cross a busy five-lane street. Tragically, the woman lost her life and many other lives have been affected.

Citywide, the City is implementing efforts to develop data-driven solutions to reduce collisions, fatalities, and serious injuries. Freeport Boulevard and surrounding neighborhood streets are no exception. Many have been and will continue to be involved in identifying solutions to these efforts, including my office, City Public Works/Traffic Investigation, Sacramento Police Department, the Sacramento City Unified School District, principals of the four neighborhood schools (Hollywood Park Elementary, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sutterville Elementary School PTA, and St. Robert Catholic School, Sacramento), and neighborhood associations (Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association, South Land Park Neighborhood Association, Land Park Community Association). We have all met in the past weeks to develop constructive solutions for the neighborhoods surrounding Freeport Boulevard.

In the short-term, the City is:
• Installing signage along Freeport to slow traffic, including adding speed feedback/radar signs and other warning signage.
• Sacramento Police will also be doing more frequent enforcement in the neighborhood to address speeding – especially during student pick-up and drop-off times.

In the longer-term the City will: 
• Present to City Council a Vision Zero Action Plan, which addresses long-term, data driven solutions to identify the factors contributing to traffic deaths and severe injuries, and proven safety countermeasures to those factors integrating education, traffic engineering, enforcement, and evaluation. (…/Programs-and…/Vision-Zero)
• Conduct an updated safety assessment on Freeport south of Sutterville Road, which will allow us to ultimately redesign streets to serve residents as well as commuters. 
• Pursue additional funding to install high-visibility crossing beacons – especially in our intersections with the highest collision rates.
• Work with schools to improve our communications with parents and residents around distracted driving and updates on street improvements, 
• Increase outreach to our students and neighbors about pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Vice Mayor Steve Hansen and I are hosting a Community Meeting on Thursday, March 8 from 6-8 pm at Hollywood Park Elementary to hear your concerns about traffic and safety. Representatives from all the neighborhood schools, Sacramento Police Department, and the City Traffic Engineer will be in attendance, as well as local organizations such as WALKSacramento and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

It will take this combination of street investments, enforcement, and education of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers to be successful and safe.