Theodore Judah First Grader Becomes Principal For A Day!

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Superintendent with William Hildebrandt

Theodore Judah Elementary School celebrated their annual “Principal for the Day” event this week, and first grader William Hildebrandt was the lucky student to be principal for a day.

William also had the opportunity to meet Superintendent Jorge Aguilar. Superintendent Aguilar got to see William play his role, tour the school grounds, talk about instruction, homework, recess and safety at schools.

When asked about the best part of his day, William Hildebrandt said, “He got to meet the Superintendent”. 

The annual event was provided as an auction prize and the school raised $1,200 for the school’s enrichment programs.

This event provides a great learning experience and builds leadership skills. Click here to learn more about the wonderful programs offered at Theodore Judah Elementary School.