Sutterville Students Send Positive Message to Classmate Injured in Freeport Blvd. Accident

e-Connections Post

Why are there hearts hanging in so many trees around Sutterville?  When Ms. Leonard’s 2nd grade class heard about their schoolmate Leo (Jianhao) Kuang and his grandmother being hit by a car, they decided to make cards and a heart mobile to send to the hospital. The idea was that Leo would see the hearts and positive messages when he finally woke up!  Leo’s parents were so moved by the cards and mobile, and the nurse immediately hung it above Leo’s bed, sharing that it would mean a lot, not just for Leo, but also for his family and the staff taking care of him. The students were inspired to do more, and the Tree of Hearts project emerged!

The class made as many colorful hearts as they could, decorating and writing words that would bring a smile to someone’s face or remind them to be mindful, grateful, stronger, kinder and more inclusive. They tied bright colored yarn to hang them on trees and bushes around campus.

They wanted their heart project to be a random act of kindness and to make people smile and reflect on the power of their own words and actions when they saw the hearts. They also hoped that “The Tree of Hearts” might inspire others to perform their own random acts of kindness. “One smile, one random act, one kind gesture can make all the difference in someone’s life, for both the recipient and the person doing the deed. Eventually, one may simply extend such acts of kindness without consciously thinking about doing them. Being consistently kind just becomes part of who we all are inside and out, every single day. It takes just one person to start the process…. We hope everyone enjoys our Tree of Hearts!”