Students Participate in Civic Action Activities for National School Walkout Day

e-Connections Post

At 10 a.m. this morning students from every corner of the district organized civic action activities on their campuses for 17 minutes as part of the National School Walkout Day. Last week our district made the decision to encourage student organizers to plan these activities on school grounds due to the great amount of interest students expressed to participate in the Walkout.

The district would like to thank all of the student organizers who worked collaboratively and respectfully with school administrators over the past week to coordinate peaceful events on almost every single one of our campuses calling for action to better protect students from gun violence. We captured some of these student-led Walkout activities in a series of powerful images shared in the photo album above. 

At Sacramento City Unified schools, our top priority is teaching and learning. We respect and support the right of our students to advocate for causes that are important to them and appreciated that our students maintained a safe learning environment while expressing their sentiments on this important topic. 

Today’s activities were a teaching moment–students learned a valuable lesson in civic action, including how to make their voices heard and advocate for the causes they believe in without disrupting the learning environment. After the 17-minutes were over, all students peacefully returned to class.

Please take a moment to view and share the photo album to honor this important civic action activity led by our students who expressed themselves today in a number of creative ways. We are very proud of them for making their voices heard this morning. Our students continue to inspire us every day.