Students learn about public safety careers at first-ever conference

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Students take notes at conference.

More than 100 juniors and seniors from four high schools attended the first annual Criminal Justice/Public Safety Career Conference held last week at The Met Sacramento High School.

The students, all enrolled in criminal justice academies, learned about careers offered in more than 20 federal, state, city and county agencies.

The academies at C.K. McClatchy, Hiram Johnson, John F. Kennedy and Grant High School are strongly supported by the Sacramento City Police Department and participate in both the California Partnership Academy program as well as the Linked Learning Pathway approach.

Students received career and industry information from professionals who volunteered to add a real world connection to their education.

The conference began with a keynote address from Sacramento Police Sgt. Marnie Stigerts, a decorated officer and a graduate of Hiram Johnson. Students then participated in “career speed dating” sessions where they learned about participating agencies.

Later, they attended breakout sessions on resumes, interviews and background checks. Throughout the morning, students interviewed partner attendees to complete an assignment that they will continue to work on during the week. Some of the professionals will be invited to attend the resulting presentations to assist with assessment.

Sgt. Cindy Stinson of the Sacramento Police Department, who provides ongoing support and teachers for the four programs, said: “The inaugural conference was a huge success and we look forward to helping make it even better next year.”

Michael Washington, the academy Lead Teacher at Hiram Johnson who conceived the event, echoed Stinson’s comments and added: “Opportunities like this, provided by our partners, engage students in a way that extends our classrooms to include real-world problems.”