Stay healthy this flu season! Here are some helpful tips and where to get free flu shots.

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As the flu starts making its way around our communities, it is essential to take the proper health precautions and understand the best ways to protect your student and yourself against the flu virus. When students are sick, they will not be able to learn to the best of their ability and put others at risk of infection. When parents or family members are sick, they too are putting their student and those around them at risk of getting sick as well.

To help families avoid the flu this season, Sacramento City Unified School District’s Health Services Department has compiled information on where there are upcoming free flu clinics in Sacramento County. Please click here to get free flu clinic locations and times. You can also call (916) 875-7468 for more information.

The District also encourages families to review the following tips for helping students, families and staff avoid the flu this season.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Guides 

The Flu & You (CDC Prevention Guide)

Handwashing: A family activity

Too Sick for School? 

If your student has any of the following symptoms, please make sure to keep them home. 

  • A temperature higher than 100 degrees even after taking medicine 
  • Are throwing up or have diarrhea
  • Have eyes that are pink and crusty

Make sure to call the school and notify them of the illness. Stay healthy! Click here to download the District guide for determining when students should stay home.

For additional Flu FAQs from the CDC click here and for the California Health and Human Services Agency’s Guide click here

Let’s work together to keep our students and families healthy this flu season. Thank you!