Spotlight: Jacqueline Rodriguez and Caleb Vaiz Talk Art of Kindness on ABC

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Last week Jacqueline Rodriguez from the district’s Student Support and Health Department joined student Caleb Vaiz in an ABC 10 Sacramento and Co. interview to share the importance of the district’s Art of Kindness Campaign which is currently underway in all schools across the district. Rodriguez and Vaiz talked about the value this campaign has on raising awareness about the value of students learning to develop social emotional skills. 

Sacramento City Unified School District is partnering with the City of Sacramento in the Art of Kindness challenge. The challenge encourages all students to participate in random acts of kindness and document them in a project. Learn more about the Art of Kindness challenge. Students will have the opportunity to submit their project for consideration to receive awards and to be displayed at the Art of Kindness Showcase SEL Summit scheduled for April 20, 2018.

Here are some Random Acts of Kindness ideas: 

  • Post kind sticky notes on lockers, bathroom mirrors and hallways
  • Start the day with a positive announcement
  • Set up a gratitude bulletin board in the hallway
  • Create a “caught being kind” bulletin board for people to recognize acts of kindness they see
  • Have one classroom or grade do a random act of kindness for the other
  • Create a third-party compliments box
  • Raise money for a person or cause
  • Set up a thank you note station in your school
  • Surprise your fellow students with treats
  • Practice giving compliments to strangers. A kind word can change someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it, say it!
  • Organize a book drive for another school in need of more books
  • Kindness Jar: Write down kind acts on slips of paper (example: sit by someone who is alone at lunch, pick up trash in the hallway, write a thank you note) and have students or staff take one!

The district is encouraging all students and adults in the district to share their random acts of kindness on social media using the hashtag #SCUSDKindness. You can learn more about the Art of Kindness event on April 20 by clicking here