Share Your Input By Taking Our Student Wellness Policy Survey

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Sac City recently revised it’s wellness policy to continue improving students’ health and wellness. These updates will ensure the district’s nutrition policies are in line with state and federal requirements. School districts across the country are making these changes to help students reduce hyperactivity and an inability to focus on their studies due to high sugar consumption.

We need your help to better support our schools in implementing these new changes. Please take 60 seconds to share your input by completing the district’s wellness policy survey before February 1, 2018. Your participation in this survey is important and greatly appreciated. 

“While bringing the district into compliance through the wellness policy was a federal requirement, we also created infographics in multiple languages and used a survey to gather community input to which all households, staff and students had the opportunity to respond,” said Robyn Krock of Valley Vision, a community partner and facilitator of the District Wellness Committee. “Through the survey, we hope to continue working with the SCUSD community to help implement the policy at all sites as smoothly as possible.”

The district looks forward to parent and community input on our wellness policy. For more information and additional resources regarding the district’s new Wellness policy, please click on the links below:

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