SEL in Action: High School Students Collaborate with Elementary Students

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On May 15th, New Technology High School and Tahoe Elementary students came together to collaborate on a project to support Tahoe’s climate and culture work. During the Visual Communication class at New Tech, young Tahoe students worked closely together with their high school counterparts to create posters for Tahoe’s school-wide culture campaign “Tahoe CARES.” This effort demonstrates the cross district potential to foster peer to peer mentorships and relationships, as well as fostering meaningful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills of collaboration, empathic listening and communication. These high school students were empowered, by the ability to instill agency in others with the skills and knowledge that they have developed over the last semester in Dale Means’ class. The elementary students, who have been working in their after-school program to figure out a way to positively promote “Tahoe CARES”, were able to communicate and process their ideas, and were listened to, validated and valued by their high school peers throughout the process. This collaboration will result in visuals to promote “Tahoe Cares” for Tahoe Elementary.   

This day was promoted by the 360/365 Initiative, a collaboration between the SEL and Expanded Learning departments, which aims to make social emotional learning the “through-line” that connects the school day to the expanded learning space. Special thanks go to the teachers at both school sites, and of course all the students who participated for showing us what is possible when people come together to collaborate and empower a cause!