SCUSD schools celebrate Green Week

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Schools across Sacramento City Unified are celebrating Green Week through Saturday, an opportunity for students to learn about energy and water conservation, waste stream reduction and the impact of cars on air quality.

The week kicked off Monday at Camellia Elementary School, where students in teacher Alanna Butterworth’s third grade class conducted live energy audits for a crew from Good Day Sacramento. Using kilowatt readers supplied by SMUD, students measured the electricity used by different appliances, including the classroom microwave, television and computer.

The students later helped cook fresh eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini harvested from Camellia’s thriving community garden.

At Theodore Judah Elementary, kindergarten students got a hands-on look at a car powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Judah parent Bill Elrick, who represents the California Fuel Cell Partnership, discussed the science behind the car and showed students that the only byproduct was water vapor. He even drank the water vapor.

At Crocker-Riverside Elementary — and many other schools — students engaged in a friendly International Walk to School Day competition today.

Years ago, the school began using a spray-painted sneaker as incentive for participation in Walk to School Day. The class with the highest percentage of participants gets to house the sneaker for a year.

Principal Daniel McCord says students love the competition. “They really go all out to win that trophy,” he says. “It’s a fun challenge and all the students win because they all get a chance to get out of the car and experience the health benefits of walking.”