SCUSD announces 2016-17 Teachers of the Year, Classified Champions

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A Rosemont High School math teacher and a Phoebe Hearst Elementary School kindergarten teacher are SCUSD’s 2016-17 Teachers of the Year.

The teachers will be honored by the Board of Education on Thursday along with 14 Classified Champions.

Daniel Crenshaw of Rosemont has been teaching for 10 years. He says his pedagogy is driven by a belief that every child can succeed. “I have learned that all students want to learn, all students want to succeed, and all students want to have your respect and love,” he says.

Phoebe Hearst’s Carrie Meagher Relles is an 18-year teaching veteran. Like Crenshaw, her work is governed by the expectation that all students can learn. “As long as I teach with this in mind, my students are successful,” she says. “Anyone with a teaching credential or children of their own knows test scores don’t always measure success. Success happens when one student is able to explain his new learning to a peer in his own words.”

SCUSD’s Classified Champions are: 

  • Becky Petrie, Office Manager, David Lubin Elementary
  • Patricia Murray-Turner, Library/Textbook Services Technician
  • Denise Watts, Computer Lab Instructional Aide, Martin Luther King Jr. K-8
  • Jegurtha Graham, Campus Monitor, Albert Einstein Middle School
  • Juan Hoye, Custodian, Hubert Bancroft Elementary School
  • Sheryl Miles, Computer Lab Instructional Aide, Caroline Wenzel Elementary School
  • Linda Zanze, Office Technician, Rosemont High School
  • Sergio Bravo, Plant Manager, Hollywood Park Elementary School
  • Deanana Hazen, Office Technician, Transportation Services
  • Linda Curry, Special Education Instructional Aide, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Tracy Waters, Special Education Instructional Aide, John Still K-8
  • Margarita Barriere, Linked Learning Program Technician
  • Tracy Hirschinger, Office Manager, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Alice Hernandez, Office Manager, C.K. McClatchy High School