School starts August 31. Are you ready? 

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Fifteen days and counting until school starts on August 31. Are you ready? To help you prepare, below are reminders about enrollment schedules, immunizations and other information to help you prepare for that first day.

Getting Back in the Groove

  • Bedtime: Start easing back into a school night routine by having your child wake up a bit earlier each day until school starts. Quiet time before bed, including turning off electronics, helps children wind down. Reading can help.
  • Calendar: Start a family calendar and a morning “to do” list that helps to keep track of assignments, after school activities and other appointments.
  • Get acquainted: If your child will be in a new school, visit the school and walk around. Meet your child’s teacher and principal if that is possible. Helping your child become familiar with their new campus will reduce anxiety and help develop confidence before school starts.
  • Safety: Review traffic safety and stranger danger rules with your students.
  • Study spot: Work with your child to create a quiet and well-lit place to do homework and study. Prepare tubs or baskets with school supplies that can be moved through the house if necessary.
  • Positive attitude: Reinforce a positive attitude with your child by reminding them of how happy they’ll be to see their teachers and friends, take part in sports activities and start a new year of learning.