School District and Police Department Ramp Up Safety Efforts in Wake of Florida Shooting

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In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Florida, the Sacramento City Unified School District and Sacramento Police Department have taken a series of steps to make sure our schools are safe.

This morning, Superintendent Jorge Aguilar and Police Chief Daniel Hahn held a press conference in front of the SacPD headquarters to address rumors of a threat at McClatchy High School and also to announce joint efforts to address the community’s heightened concerns over this matter. At the press conference, Superintendent Aguilar and Chief Hahn reiterated their continued commitment to work closely in investigating and responding to all concerns, as well as the district’s continued commitment to continue providing socio-emotional supports to students. 

Over the past several weeks, the Sacramento Police Department has received reports related to social media posts and comments about potential threats at McClatchy High School. Our School Resource Officers and patrol officers have been working with district officials and the police department’s Criminal Intelligence Unit to investigate these possible threats. These incidents were thoroughly investigated by Sacramento police officers as well as school officials. All the involved parties were identified and contacted. Early this morning, we informed McClatchy High School students, parents, staff and the surrounding community that at this time there is no reason to believe that the alleged threat is credible. The police department and district will continue to work together to investigate any new reports of threat-related allegations.

Sacramento City Unified and the Sacramento Police Department have a long history of partnering and working together to make sure our schools are safe. In fact, the district has 6 full-time School Resource Officers (SROs) that move from school to school on a regular basis, plus 2 full-time School Resource Officers who patrol the entire district to respond to potential threats and monitor the safety of schools throughout the day. In addition, there is a full-time sergeant overseeing the SRO team. This morning, Chief Hahn announced that the police department will be deploying an additional SRO to each high school in the district this week. In addition, the police department will be deploying officers to and near all schools throughout the city this week to increase their presence and reassure all on campus that the district and law enforcement are working collaboratively to respond to and address any potential threats that may arise.

At the press conference, Superintendent Aguilar also reiterated to parents and community members that our district provides socio-emotional supports for students who need additional support. The district understands that the trauma and emotion that results from hearing about tragic incidents like the one in Florida requires extra attention for our students to address their concerns and questions. Please read more about helping children cope with school violence and do not hesitate to contact your school Principal if you would like to learn more about the socio-emotional supports that are available to your student.

Finally, parents and community members are encouraged to contact the police immediately to report any suspicious activity or rumors that they hear of, whether these activities are seen in person, on social media or in another place. At this morning’s press conference, Chief Hahn said, “If you hear or see something, report it immediately”. The police department will investigate all activity reported to determine if there is a credible threat. You can contact the police department to share tips or report suspicious activity by calling (916) 264-5471, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.