Sacramento City Unified’s Work on Black Male Achievement Highlighted in National Report

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The work of the Sacramento City Unified’s Men’s Leadership Academy (MLA) was praised in a national report published this week by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (BMA). The report states:

“Sacramento has shown its promise as a Black Male Achievement (BMA) city through impressive collective work towards Black Male Achievement. Across all levels of city leadership, crucial efforts are being made on behalf of Black men and boys. Efforts include the Sacramento Boys and Men of Color Collaborative, formed with the goal of increasing opportunity for boys and men of color, and The Black Child Legacy Campaign, designed to address the disproportionate death rate of Sacramento’s Black children.

Sacramento City’s Unified School District (SCUSD) has also made several important steps to achieve racial equity as well, including establishing the Men’s Leadership Academy, a college level course rooted in social justice, for young men of color. SCUSD also implements CBMA’s Health and Healing Strategies Initiative. Independent local organizations including, but not limited to, Improve Your Tomorrow, Hawk Academy, BMAD, Always Knocking and Voice of the Youth provide leadership training and academic encouragement to young men of color.

Sacramento has also committed to national initiatives as well. In 2014, then-Mayor Kevin Johnson signed onto the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative (MBK), which continues on through the newly established MBK Sacramento Collaborative. The MBK Sacramento Collaborative engages systems leaders, community-based organizations and local law enforcement in a collective impact approach toward improving systems, policies and practices for boys and men of color.

The Collaborative has also recently launched an MBK Sacramento Youth Fellowship program to elevate youth voice in local and statewide advocacy. Sacramento’s Probation Department also received a Disproportionate Minority Contact Technical Assistance grant to address the over-representation of youth of color in the juvenile justice system, which is a crucial step towards addressing the city’s racial inequity. Sacramento’s efforts at the individual, organizational, and citywide level toward racial equity have created a platform for real progress to be made for the city’s Black men and boys.

Read the full report by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

Congratulations to our MLA program students and staff for achieving this national recognition! To learn more about Men’s Leadership Academy, click here.