Sacramento City Unified Leaders Take Action to Jumpstart Labor Negotiations

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Leaders of the Sacramento City Unified School District took action today by requesting the assistance of the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in an attempt to jumpstart contract negotiations with leaders of the Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA). The District has wanted to start negotiations since November 2018 and has sent 17 letters offering 63 dates since then to begin negotiations.  The prior contract with SCTA expired on June 30, 2019, however, SCTA leaders have yet to agree to return to the bargaining table or to respond to the District’s negotiation’s proposals.  

“The financial crisis we are facing is serious and demands serious action,” said Superintendent Jorge Aguilar. “We want to negotiate a solution with SCTA leaders and today we took additional action to get SCTA leaders to meet us at the bargaining table.”

The District’s request to PERB was to determine that the District and SCTA are at an impasse and would benefit from the services of an appointed mediator to assist the parties in the negotiations process.  PERB is an administrative agency that administers the collective bargaining statutes for public employees of California including public schools, colleges, and universities.  Its mission is to promote “the improvement of personnel management and employer-employee relations within the public school systems.” (Govt. Code section 3540.)

Unfortunately, before receiving the exhibits filed in support of the District’s request, a PERB representative informed the District that they do not believe that the District and SCTA are at impasse.  The District will continue taking actions to jumpstart negotiations as the California State Auditor, Superintendent of the Sacramento County Office of Education, community leaders, and parents have all called on District and SCTA leaders to work together on a negotiated solution to the District’s fiscal crisis.  The District will continue to invite SCTA leaders to start the negotiations process and consider reapplying for impasse again should our continued efforts at commencing meaningful negotiations be unsuccessful.