Resources and inclusion pledge mark Sac City’s Disability History Week celebration

e-Connections Post Disability History Week Celebrating Disabilities

Sac City Unified is celebrating the Week of October 9- 13 as Disability History Week by encouraging the district community to sign a pledge to respect each person’s identity and promote the inclusion of people of all abilities. 

Pledge card

District librarian Amanda Turkie has also prepared a booklist for children to help students understand what disabilities mean and the many contributions made by people with disabilities.

The district website also includes a 54-second video that helps us all understand “person-first” language which emphasizes respect and what people can do instead of what they cannot do. A good example is saying, “Ben can walk with crutches” instead of, “Ben is crippled.” As the video says, “Words really do matter.”

Check out the pledge card, booklist and resources for parents and teachers on the SCUSD website at