Project Green Teaches Importance of Recycling

e-Connections Post

Schools participating in Project Green 2018 have spent the past 6 months learning about waste and working to improve recycling in their classrooms and cafeterias. As part of the program, students participate in project-based learning activities that incorporate Next Generation Science Standards into their classroom curriculum.

Participating students completed baseline audits to determine where their school was recycling, how much they were recycling, and how well they were recycling. To gather more information, some schools received a presentation from our district waste hauler, Republic Services, while others conducted waste sorts in their cafeteria. As a professional development option, Project Green Advisors participated in a tour at a local material recovery facility to see how recyclables are sorted and processed after they are picked up.

At the end of this month participating schools will present their projects and propose plans to continue recycling at their schools next year. As a reward for this participation, all Project Green 2018 schools received classroom recycling bins donated by this year’s project partners Busch Systems and Breathe Sacramento.