Pledge to change the way you think about math

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Pledge to change the way you think about math

Success in math often begins with a shift in thinking, say education researchers.

Instead of “fixed mindset” thinking — believing some people are good at math and some people are not — successful students adopt a “growth mindset,” meaning they believe anyone can do math with practice.

“Mistakes grow your brain,” says Stanford University math professor Jo Boaler, whose book “Mathematical Mindsets” is helping change the way math is taught nationwide. “When we give kids the message that mistakes are good, that successful people make mistakes, it can change their entire trajectory.”

Parents can help students achieve a growth mindset with resources on Amazon’s “With Math I Can” website. SCUSD is partnering with Amazon to make these resources available to students and families. The site is loaded with fun videos and at-home lessons that explain growth mindset and help encourage a new way of thinking about math.

SCUSD is also asking teachers, students, parents and others to take the With Math I Can Pledge at Amazon’s website. Once the pledge form is submitted, you will be sent occasional updates about math research.

Here’s the pledge:

“To achieve a growth mindset, we commit to the following:

  • We will celebrate our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • We will be confident and share our thinking. 
  • We will persevere through difficult practice.