Pianist from Mexico inspires Nicholas Elementary students

e-Connections Post

Award-winning pianist David Gonzalez Ladron de Guevana from Guadalajara, Mexico, performed for students at Nicholas Elementary School before Spring Break.

In addition to his accomplishments as a pianist, Gonzalez Ladron de Guevana is an advocate for the disabled. He was born with Miller syndrome, a very rare genetic condition that causes distinctive facial characteristics and limb abnormalities.

On his website, Gonzalez Ladron de Guevana writes: “When I was born, my father, (who is a professional pianist) thought I would never play the piano. My aunt began to teach me the first piano lessons and later on my father became my mentor as a pianist and musician.

“I would like to encourage children and young people with disabilities to discover their personal talents and skills and to develop them beyond any limitations.”

Gonzalez Ladron de Guevara has received international recognition and many awards from the President of Mexico. Nicholas Principal Rachel Lane says “he truly was an inspiration to us all. He taught us to be kind to others regardless of their disabilities and to never give up on your own dreams. It was incredible.”