Outreach Campaign Begins for Expanded Learning Summer Program

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Outreach Campaign Begins for Expanded Learning Summer Program

On the week of May 20th, the Sacramento City Unified School District launched a 3-week outreach campaign focused on reminding students and parents about the free Expanded Learning Summer Program (ELSP) which begins on Monday, June 18. Thousands of families that have been enrolled in the program will receive a personal call welcoming them to the ELSP and answering any questions they may have.

Please take a moment to watch our ELSP promotional video which explains why participating in this program is so critical to helping our students improve academically and be on grade level. 

According to Superintendent Jorge Aguilar, the ELSP is not a new initiative. It is part of a much broader effort by the district to ensure all students are performing on grade level. Superintendent Aguilar states “we are really hoping that students, as a result of the program, will start their school year on track for grade level readiness or that they will start their school year on grade level.”

“This new approach to summer school could prepare more Sacramento students for college prep programs in high school,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Helping more students perform at grade level is good for all students in our system. Please share this video with everyone you know and encourage them to visit our ELSP webpage and frequently asked questions.