Online Registration Saves Time for Parents of New Students
Register Online to Save Time!

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On April 7, 2017 Sacramento City Unified School District began offering online registration to parents and guardians of new students.

Online Registration (OLR) is a web based enrollment system that allows parents or guardians to complete the majority of the registration process online. OLR is accessible from any computer connected to the internet or from a self-service kiosk in our Enrollment Center.

Online registration is a two-step process:

  1. Guardians complete the application online. Registration is for families that have a student that will be new to the district.
  2. Guardians then bring the required enrollment documents to the Enrollment Center for expedited completion of the enrollment process.

The web-based enrollment system aims to increase access to enrollment services for guardians and reduce wait time at the Enrollment Center. The Online Registration website is translated to Hmong, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian to support the diverse community that Sacramento City Unified School District serves.

For more information, please contact the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who can use the Online Registration (OLR) system?

If your child is new to the district, you can start the registration process via any computer connected to the internet or at a self-service kiosk in our Enrollment Center.

Where can I find the Online Registration (OLR) system?

Starting April 7th you can access OLR via a Web browser at  or come to the Enrollment Center to use a self-service kiosks.

What are the benefits to using OLR?

  • Flexibility – you can access the website from home using any computer connected to the internet.
  • Efficiency – OLR will save time wasted waiting in line. When you come into one of our center to complete the registration process, the majority of your information will already be in the system.
  • Accuracy – Errors generated when paper forms are manually entered into our systems will be greatly reduced, eliminating delays and frustration resulting from these errors.
  • You’ll be notified of the required documentation to provide to the Enrollment Center.

How will bilingual parents or guardians be able to utilize OLR?

OLR is available in 6 languages: English, Hmong, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian.

When did the Online Registration (OLR) System become available for parents or guardians?

April 7, 2017