October is National Bullying Prevention Month
More than 1 out of every 5 students report being bullied

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

When more than one out of five students report being bullied, it is easy to understand why taking action to help kids feel safer in school, online and in the community is so important. Bullying prevention is an ongoing effort but in October, that effort takes center stage.

Sac City Unified students will participate in the 5th Annual rally at the Unity Center on Oct. 18 and participate in other events and activities throughout the month. Jessica Wharton, the district’s Bullying Prevention and School Climate Specialist said schools began sponsoring special anti-bullying assemblies in September and expect that by the end of October, 12 campuses will have hosted the assembly.

Wharton’s office also provides administrative and parent training throughout the year and helps schools develop proactive school climate plans. “We give the schools a menu of resources and meet with the administrators to select the best fit options for their campus.”