Now’s the Time to Look Into Scholarships

e-Connections Post

Scholarship application time is here! To help keep high school seniors and their families aware of available scholarship opportunities, the district website is listing scholarship information as it becomes available at The site includes links to online applications, eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Information about University of California scholarships, the Buck award, Cien Amigos, the Vietnamese Physician Association of Northern California scholarship and others are already posted on the district website. Students should also check in with their counselors for other opportunities.

Association of California School Administrators (ACSA)

The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) offers an award to students who exceed expectations or have overcome obstacles and the educators who support them. Students must be nominated by an ACSA member. The application deadline is March 2. ACSA members can find information about the award and nomination forms here.

District-managed scholarships

High school seniors are encouraged to apply for Sacramento City Unified School District managed scholarships. These awards are usually memorials to loved ones or sponsored to assist students in specific areas of study. District-managed scholarships are coordinated through the Scholarship Office.

Scholarship information is distributed to high schools and posted on the district’s scholarship page. Applications are due to the Scholarship office by Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Staff from each school can also request that the district’s scholarship contact, Linda McNeill, visit a school to meet with interested seniors, at a time that works best for them. Reviewing the scholarship application with Ms. McNeill helps seniors understand what the scholarship trustees are looking for.

After the scholarships have been submitted, they are paper-screened to ensure that all the required documentation is included. Scholarship applications are then forwarded to each scholarship’s trustees who will read the applications and select their winners. Scholarship recipients are announced at each high school’s Awards Ceremony usually held in late May or early June.  

District-managed scholarships are offered to graduating seniors at all comprehensive high schools, small high schools and Sacramento Charter High School:

Scholarships Offered to All Seniors Graduating from the Sacramento City Unified School District

  • Luela M. Goff Memorial – $900 (4-year scholarship)
  • Grant Bennett Memorial – $2,500
  • Jewell T. O’Connell Memorial (three scholarships) - $1,000  
  • Carpenter’s Local Union #46 (three scholarships) -  $1,000    
  • Antonio Medrano Memorial Scholarship – $1,000   
  • Thomas M. Eustis Memorial -  $750    
  • Susan Cherveny Memorial -  $500    

Scholarships Offered to Seniors Graduating from C. K. McClatchy High School Only

  • Dell’Orto Simmons (two scholarships) - $2,500 (2-year scholarship)  
  • John A. and Charlotte M. Church Memorial -$1,000
  • McClatchy Class of ’66 4 scholarships for $1,000+ - $1,000 (submitted online per directions)

George M. Clark Scholarship

One other sponsored scholarship is available for the comprehensive high schools. Each of the six schools selects their top candidate and gives that student the George M. Clark Sponsored Scholarship application to complete. (It is not posted online; applications are given to each school’s selected candidate.) Recipients receive a scholarship of $5,000 a year for four years.

Each school must select their student candidate by February 16 and notify their student by that date as well. Selected students must then complete their application by April 3. This scholarship is overseen by a committee that includes a representative from the Mayor’s office, the principal of the most populated high school, a superintendent’s designee and Ms. McNeill. This committee chooses the Clark Scholarship recipient.

Ms. McNeill can be reached by email at