New Tool Allows You To View District Budget Expenditures

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We understand that our budget situation demands transparency and fiscal accountability. That is why moving forward we want to make sure members of our community have access to as much information as possible about how we are spending taxpayer dollars.
Today, we launched an important new tool that will improve budget transparency by providing the general public with direct access to real-time information about the District’s budget and its expenditures. This “Sac City Unified Budget Dashboard” tool allows any member of the community to now view and access the same financial information that our budget department staff is able to access through our financial system. Click here to access the Sac City Unified Budget Dashboard.
Transparency will be critical to solving our budget challenges and our community must be able to see how spending cuts impact our total budget. For example, despite the Board of Education taking action last night to cut 33 administrator positions, put a cap on administrative spending, reduce unused vacation accruals and other cost savings measures, the District still needs to make additional cuts to eliminate our structural budget deficit and save our schools from a takeover. This new tool will help the public see firsthand how we are spending our money and the impact that cuts will have on our budget.
We are interested in getting your feedback on this new tool. If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the new Sac City Unified Budget Dashboard, please submit them here.
Thank you for your interest and requests to better understand how we work through our budget challenges. For more information about our budget situation and to review previous Budget Alerts and updates, please visit our webpage or see answers to our budget Frequently Asked Questions. To sign up to receive the latest budget alerts, click here